There are many steps to becoming a city, and this timeline page describes the steps and shows how ELARA is moving forward with the process. Check out the interactive version of the timeline, and the same timeline information in list form below it. Descriptions of each step are adopted from the East LA IFA.

You can also find an accompanying presentation in our Reports & Resources section.

Interactive Timeline

Timeline List

Signature gathering drive
Jun 2008 to Nov 2008

ELARA collects signatures from 25 percent or more of East LA registered voters. There is up to 180 days to complete this process.

Signature verification
Dec 2008

Within 30 days of receiving the petition, the LAFCO executive officer will have it examined by the county elections official who determines the number of qualified signers.

Submit application
Jan 2009

ELARA submit the petitions, proposal, map and legal description to LAFCO.

Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis conducted
Jan 2009 to Sep 2009

A Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis (CFA) is prepared. LAFCO issues a request for proposals from consultants. Preparing a CFA requires data collection, substantial analysis and report preparation.

Negotiations, review, report
Oct 2009 to Feb 2010

After a preliminary draft of the CFA has been prepared, the incorporation proponents and the County negotiate fiscal terms and conditions. LAFCO executive officer’s report makes recommendations on the application, and the election resolution is drafted.

Election resolution adopted
Mar 2010

LAFCO may adopt a resolution to place the question of incorporation on East LA's ballot. At a public hearing, LAFCO’s Commission hears the staff report and testimony of interested parties both supporting and opposing the incorporation.

Jun 2010

The question of incorporation is placed on the ballot for East LA residents to vote on.

Once the election results are certified, typically there is at least a two to three-month period during which the elected council members hire an interim city manager and attorney, and the attorney prepares legal documents for the Council to adopt at its first official meeting.

Transition into city
Jun 2010 to Jun 2011

The County is required to provide services during the first partial fiscal year after incorporation, and the new city reimburses the net expense over a five year period.

First day as the City of East Los Angeles
Jul 2011