The mission of the East Los Angeles Residents Association, a 501c4 non-profit organization, is to develop the East Los Angeles community’s social, educational, economic and structural resources through advocacy and civic engagement. Our current objective is to incorporate our community through the Cityhood for East Los Angeles campaign, and become the City of East Los Angeles.


East Los Angeles Residents Association
6055 Gloucester Ave
East Los Angeles, CA 90022
Please direct all general questions to:
info@CityhoodForEastLA.org | (323) 715-1335

Media Contact

For all media inquiries, contact Benjamin Cardenas at Benjamin.Cardenas@CityhoodForEastLA.org or 323-351-3514.

Board of Directors

Benjamin Cardenas

President - Benjamin.Cardenas@CityhoodForEastLA.org
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Diana Tarango

Vice-President - Diana.Tarango@CityhoodForEastLA.org
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Alberto Palacios

Parliamentarian - Alberto.Palacios@CityhoodForEastLA.org
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Gustavo Camacho

Treasurer - Gustavo.Camacho@CityhoodForEastLA.org

Yobany Chacon

Secretary - Yobany.Chacon@CityhoodForEastLA.org
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Francisco Cendejas

Director - Francisco.Cendejas@CityhoodForEastLA.org

Kristie Hernandez

Director - Kristie.Hernandez@CityhoodForEastLA.org

Ana Mascareñas

Director - Ana.Mascarenas@CityhoodForEastLA.org

To report a problem with this website or its links, please contact Francisco Cendejas at Francisco.Cendejas@CityhoodForEastLA.org.