In response to today’s release of the East Los Angeles’ Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis (CFA), Benjamin Cardenas, President of the East Los Angeles Residents Association (ELARA), says:

“Today marks a starting point to highlight the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead to move East Los Angeles forward towards Cityhood. This long-deserved, historic document is 40 years in the making, and remains a conversation starter and not a final blueprint as we await the review process for the next 30 days. Now that the CFA has been submitted, solutions to the issues raised can be discussed and we are confident that all options will become apparent as the CFA is reviewed and analyzed.

“We remain committed to this fair and transparent process, and look forward to understanding the true economic health of East Los Angeles. The CFA helps identify the preliminary financial needs as options and solutions will be brought to the table. Long-term viability is key to having a complete picture of our local economy, and we look forward to reviewing the numbers with the L.A. County as we move one step further to preserve the culture and history of East L.A. We thank LAFCO for all of their hard work on this matter, in particular the professional and fair way this process has been handled.”

Review the full Public Review CFA and Executive Summary.

Contact: Eddie Gutierrez (323) 401-6332


Cityhood for East L.A. is a project of the East Los Angeles Residents Association (ELARA), a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization. Our mission is to development the community’s social, educational, economic and structural resources through advocacy and civic engagement. Our objective is to incorporate our community and become the City of East Los Angeles.