Dan Ortiz, Cityhood Volunteer
American Legion Post 804

By Dan Ortiz, Cityhood for East LA Volunteer

I've been volunteering to help bring Cityhood to East L.A. Will you make a $20 contribution to bring us closer to our goal?

I want to tell you a little bit about why I'm supporting Cityhood. My family has deep roots in East Los Angeles, and we've always been active in our community. My grandparents, Frank and Julieta Ortiz, came from Texas in the 1930s, and since their arrival they had their children, and those children have now gone on to have their own. My parents taught me to be active by example - for as long as I can recall they organized local Scouting activities, volunteered our home as a voting precinct, and much more. My mother worked as a teacher at Winter Gardens Elementary School and retired with 30+ years of service to education. I grew up proud to be from East LA, and my parents taught me to honor our community. Eventually I enlisted in the military but I came right back home. Since then I’ve been active with veterans organizations and now I'm helping to ensure we gain our Cityhood!

Supporting Cityhood for me was an easy choice to make. I've seen how neighboring cities have grown and prospered, while ours has been simply trying to catch up. Without local representation we residents don't have a voice in envisioning what the future will be for our community. For too long we’ve raised generations that have grown up and then out of East LA -- I’d love to see an East LA that people want to stay in. With a local government we residents can set our own priorities, and build the East LA we want.

Cityhood is close to becoming a reality, but we need your help to get over the hill. I’m asking you to join me in donating to our cause. Will you give a small donation of $20 to show that that East Los Angeles is ready to stand on its own as a City?


We’re getting closer, but we need your help. I hope you will make this small contribution to move our community forward. After contributing, be sure to share why you support Cityhood.