By Ben Cárdenas, ELARA President

For three years, the residents of East L.A. have worked tirelessly to form a new city for a brighter future -- the City of East Los Angeles.

Every day we get closer to meeting our challenge of raising the $134,000 needed to fund the Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis for our community. Will you do your part and contribute today?

We’ve come such a long way! In 2007 we released an Initial Fiscal Analysis (IFA), which projected that East Los Angeles can be a viable and vibrant city. In June of 2008 we kicked off a petition gathering campaign amongst East L.A. residents to request a Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis, the first step towards Cityhood. And in December we turned in over 16,000 signatures! To accomplish all of this, the East Los Angeles Residents Association (ELARA) raised over $100,000 over the past three years.

Ever since then, we've been raising the funds needed to pay for this study. Many Cityhood volunteers have been working nonstop to raise these funds -- I know we can make it, so I'm asking if you can help us reach our goal.

Will you donate to the East L.A. Fiscal Analysis Fund? With enough online donations, we will be able to close the gap and deliver for our community.

This study will be the most comprehensive financial study of our community in decades and it will tell us definitively whether we can be a viable City. Let's continue reaching out to our friends, family and neighbors. Your financial contribution will move our efforts forward, making the possibility of a brighter future for our community a reality.

Ben Cárdenas is the President of the East Los Angeles Residents Association.